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Welcome to the FAQs section of Goa Volunteer Program. Here, we address common queries to help you navigate your volunteering journey seamlessly. If you have a question that isn't covered here, feel free to reach out to our support team.

We offer diverse volunteer opportunities, including childcare, women's rehabilitation, special needs children care, community care for HIV/AIDS children, deafblind & multiple disabilities, and support for adults with intellectual disabilities.
To apply, visit our website and navigate to the "Apply Now" section. Complete the application form, providing accurate details about your preferences and skills. Our team will contact you within 24 hours after receiving your application.
While certain programs may benefit from specific skills, most only require dedication, compassion, and a willingness to contribute positively. Check the program details for specific requirements.
Volunteer program durations vary. You can find details on the program pages. Whether you have a week or several months to spare, there's likely a program that suits your availability.
Volunteers are accommodated in our Volunteer Guest House with shared rooms by gender. The house is equipped with essential amenities, including Wi-Fi, a common room, television, and a caretaker for assistance.
Volunteers enjoy three meals a day, featuring local Goan cuisine with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Breakfast is self-serve, offering a variety of choices.
Yes, volunteers can participate in paid leisure activities and weekend trips, such as beach days, spice plantation tours, heritage walks, waterfall treks, and more. Explore the rich culture and beauty of Goa in your free time.
Once accepted into the program, you'll receive detailed information about the program fee. We offer various payment methods for your convenience.
Absolutely. Safety is our top priority. We follow local guidelines and provide comprehensive information on safety measures during your program. Our programs are designed to be affordable, and we offer transparent information about fees. We pride ourselves on being a reliable and trusted organization committed to the well-being of our volunteers.
Absolutely. Our dedicated support team is available during office hours for any assistance you may need. Emergency contact details are also provided for urgent situations.
We prioritize the safety of our volunteers. Our programs adhere to local guidelines, and we provide information on COVID-19 safety measures in the program orientation.
Yes, we assist you in obtaining the necessary visa support documents to ensure a smooth entry into India for your volunteering journey.
Certainly! We welcome friends and couples to join our volunteer programs in Goa. Volunteering with a friend or as a couple can enhance the overall experience, allowing you to share meaningful moments, contribute together, and support each other throughout the journey. When applying, make sure to mention your preference to volunteer with a friend or as a couple in the application form. While accommodations are typically shared with individuals of the same gender, we do our best to accommodate requests for friends or couples to stay together. If you have any specific preferences or questions about joint accommodations, feel free to reach out to our support team, and we'll do our best to make your volunteering experience enjoyable and memorable for both of you.
Yes, if you prefer a single room during your volunteer stay, it is possible, and we can certainly accommodate this request. There may be an additional cost associated with opting for a single room, which varies depending on the duration of your stay and the specific program. To inquire about the availability of single rooms and the associated cost, please contact our support team or mention your preference in the application form. We understand that personal space is important, and we aim to provide options that suit your needs while ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable volunteering experience in Goa.
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