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Welcome to the Goa Volunteer Program, a beacon of compassionate service since 1962. Originally founded as a response to human suffering, our journey has evolved to address diverse challenges faced by communities in Goa.

Gabel M.
Project Coordinator, Goa

Our Vision:

"A society rooted in shared values, where all people work hand-in-hand, living in harmony with nature, and championing equality, justice, freedom, and brotherhood."

Our Mission

"To actively express care and support for those in need, oppressed, marginalized, and affected by natural or man-made disasters."


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Our Popular Programs

Beach Cleaning and Environmental Conservation

Embrace the opportunity to make a positive impact on Goa pristine beaches and contribute to environmental conservation through the Beach Cleaning and Environmental program.

Adults with Intellectual Disability

Our community,housed in a charming Portuguese-era residence donated by the Dr Graciano Reberio de Santana Family,is dedicated to creating a sheltered workspace for individuals with disabilities.

Deaf and Blind Children Care

Dedicated to inclusive education and rehabilitation, The Centre for Deafblind & Multiple Disabilities, spanning North and South Goa, offers comprehensive services for children and young adults.

AIDS and HIV Children Care

Community Care Centre for HIV/AIDS Children in Goa, India, offers a opportunity to contribute to the well-being of children facing extraordinary challenges. The center serves as a care home for children living with HIV/AIDS.


Heartfelt Stories of our Dedicated Volunteers Worldwide


Incredible experience with Goa Volunteer Program From the seamless application process to the impactful projects and amazing local support, they made volunteering abroad a breeze.

Jenny G

Kudos to Goa Volunteer Program for a life-changing adventure! The team's dedication, combined with well-organized programs, made my volunteer stint abroad unforgettable. 5 stars!

Mike Fermalin

Thumbs up to Goa Volunteer Program! I volunteered abroad for the first time, and they made it a smooth and rewarding journey. Excellent communication and impactful projects. Can't wait to do it again!

Josie F